The Warrior Martial Arts Association was founded in 2005. Since then many schools and organizations, as well as individuals have found their way into our association. It consists of grandmasters with over 50 years of practice, coming from all continents, styles, and industries. The aim of this association is to provide the current state of martial arts in the fields of military, security, and classical martial arts styles as well as a basis for networking and a complete service to other martial artists.
The Warrior Martial Arts Association deliberately distinguishes itself from other martial arts organizations that do not adhere to the Western Code of Values, even if they use the same content or even the same names as us. By the way, this only shows that our philosophy, and thus our concept, are groundbreaking. Only the original completely opens the avenues to the highest peaks of martial arts for civilians, security, military and knighthood applications.
Due to new Internet data protection guidelines we were forced not least by the ranges, Security, Military and Intelligence data to arrange our past Internet appearance again and more surely. The Internet presence opened by you is the result of these actions.